We now have a new e-mail address to use to request a quilt.
It is:

The ladies are busy working on jelly roll quilts at a recent workshop.

At the workshop 8 quilt tops were completed and ready to be quilted on our long arm machine. (See below)


Janet Gray and June Pevere are excited to be sharing info about Heart to Heart Quilts Lanark County at the Lanark County Quilters’ Guild 2018 Quilt Show.

Jane Laut, Janet Gray, Diane Hogarth and Joanne Foster-Komendat officially cut the ribbon, at the 2018 HHQLC Open House, to welcome the new long arm quilting machine


From left.... Helen Barr, Ros Creaser, Linda McLennan and Jane Laut

In August members of Heart to Heart Quilts Lanark County presented information at a booth at the Mabery Agricultural Society Fair in Maberly.

The members answered questions from the public explaining the purpose of HHQLC as well as distributing literature about its activities.

On display were a number of quilts which had been made by various members.

Pictured in the booth are members of HHQLC.


Three of our members, from left to right
Ros, Judy (actually doing the work)
and Bronwen

Heart to Heart Quilts Lanark County is a registered charity and voluteer organization whose mission is to create and gift handmade quilts to men, women and children of the comunity living with debiltating diseases or conditions.

All quilts are made with care and compassion from cotton materials to provide comfort and warmth in a time of need for those facing serious health challenges. Quilts are provided at no cost to either the requestor or recipient.

Our Motto, From our hearts to your heart, is refelected in the intertwined heart logo embroidered in one corner on the back of each quilt.

Heart to Heart Quilts Lanark County serves the area in and around Lanark County in Eastern Ontario, Canada.


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